LiveStream coding, Kenya

When I read People Watching to Write Code could be the Next Big Thing in Video Streaming I was inspired to check on Kenya’s progress in the field. The following article therefore reflects my results. The ability to write code is advantageous especially in this digital age when most of our daily activities depend directly or indirectly on web-based services or computer software in general. So where is the advantage in being skilled at coding? There are millions of responses to that. However they all revolve around the facts that: 1. It is remunerative and prestigious (I’m talking about Kenya-am not sure how much esteem geeks get in other countries. But here, geeks are cool) 2. It gives the programmer/coder unlimited power of creation. There are no Laws of physics to limit you. Only your machine, skill, and imagination count. With that said, let us now look at the gold rush with regard to coding. Seven years ago (in Kenya) owning a laptop was a symbol of status which only the nouveau riche could afford. However there has been quick adoption of mobile computing especially due to the subsidies on devices and the almost 80% drop in internet costs (thanks to widespread rollout of fibre technology). As a result, there has been an ever increasing interest in digital development and consumption. And this is where coding comes in, with a large population adopting it as a basic skill. Some read and practice, others have tutors and others(very few) watch live streams on the internet. Personally, I signed up with Codecademy and taking MIT’s open courses. image The live stream coding way of learning is however yet to gain ground in Kenya (it is popular though in other countries, as I have read). So my bet is with time, the practice shall be a trend here at home.

13 thoughts on “LiveStream coding, Kenya

  1. Ndwaru Friday,February 13, 2015 / 10:50 PM

    Wow that’s great…big up


  2. wyclef oguri Friday,February 13, 2015 / 9:05 PM

    big up bro


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