Programming is for YOU, says Lundi


By: Lundi Hudson for Vaslapodi

“The land of opportunities”, doesn’t that phrase sound familiar? But with the recent and quite massive advancement in technology, this phrase can now be used to refer to virtually any country on the planet. Well this is true considering that in this age, a software of under 50MB (or even the idea of such a software) can have you on course to being a multimillionaire or even a billionaire. Go back a few years and such a thought would probably earn you a recommendation to a psychiatrist. But here we are now, living in the age of technology where it seems that nothing is impossible if you have a team of programmers at your disposal.


All that said, what are you doing about it? With a computer and the right software and of course the dedication (there are sure to be some frustrations along the way) you can now earn a living (almost billions while you’re at it) from your place of convenience. More people should be encouraged to venture into the limitless field of programming. Now you are probably thinking, ” What if I have never been exposed to any programming before? Do I miss out on all the opportunities?? ” Like I said, dedication. If you have enough of that I don’t think that sparing a little time and maybe reaching into your pocket in order to learn some programming skills will be enough to hold you back. Although you can also learn for free online (click here to learn with MIT OCW) or download free programming ebooks
There obviously is a lot of untapped potential in Kenya. Picture this: a multimillionaire’s company giving you a call (perhaps late in the night because they didn’t care what time zone you are in) asking if you’d be interested in joining their team of programmers because they happened to come across your creation (software) and were impressed. That scenario should by now appear really possible after reading what I wrote in the previous paragraph. Now who wouldn’t want that, unless you too are a billionaire (which I highly doubt)? However, don’t focus on the money but instead choose to offer solutions to real life challenges. It is more rewarding.

Programming languages

There are many programming languages you can get yourself acquainted with like Java C++ VisualBasic Python name it. Join in the fun.
Get programming!


LiveStream coding, Kenya

When I read People Watching to Write Code could be the Next Big Thing in Video Streaming I was inspired to check on Kenya’s progress in the field. The following article therefore reflects my results. The ability to write code is advantageous especially in this digital age when most of our daily activities depend directly or indirectly on web-based services or computer software in general. So where is the advantage in being skilled at coding? There are millions of responses to that. However they all revolve around the facts that: 1. It is remunerative and prestigious (I’m talking about Kenya-am not sure how much esteem geeks get in other countries. But here, geeks are cool) 2. It gives the programmer/coder unlimited power of creation. There are no Laws of physics to limit you. Only your machine, skill, and imagination count. With that said, let us now look at the gold rush with regard to coding. Seven years ago (in Kenya) owning a laptop was a symbol of status which only the nouveau riche could afford. However there has been quick adoption of mobile computing especially due to the subsidies on devices and the almost 80% drop in internet costs (thanks to widespread rollout of fibre technology). As a result, there has been an ever increasing interest in digital development and consumption. And this is where coding comes in, with a large population adopting it as a basic skill. Some read and practice, others have tutors and others(very few) watch live streams on the internet. Personally, I signed up with Codecademy and taking MIT’s open courses. image The live stream coding way of learning is however yet to gain ground in Kenya (it is popular though in other countries, as I have read). So my bet is with time, the practice shall be a trend here at home.